Saturday, January 2, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Magic

Joe Corbin hadn't come to the talent show to see some crappy magician doing the same old stale tricks! No, he had come to see the local girls in their tight costumes and short skirts! From his seat at the edge of the stage he had already gotten a couple of glimpses up those short skirts to the silken delights that lay underneath!
He booed and heckled Rando the Great from the moment he took the stage and although the magicians act amazed the small audience it failed utterly to win him over! The magician was growing visibly angrier ans angrier as the heckling continued non-stop.
After his show stopping final trick the audience rose to give him a standing ovation! His last trick was absolutely inexplicable even to the several stage hands who had a view from backstage! It was simply impossible but they had watched him reach out with his wand and point it at the heckler in the front row who vanished in a small puff of smoke!!!!

Several weeks later as they settled in their hotel room in Springfield, Rando the Great told his assistant to make herself comfortable while he freshened up! Joe Corbin looked at his new body with wonder as he always did since that fateful night at the Talent Show! The night that Joe Corbin had  disappeared and Jean Corbini had been born!
She stared in wonder at the magic wand and thought to himself.....herself....
"He's still a crappy magician....but that was one hell of a trick!!!"

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