Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday is Game Day

"They all look good today don't they Sweetheart?"
"Yeah Kaaren....they look really good....I mean really good!"
"Which one do you have your eye on?"
"That Tight End....the one with the tight end!!!!"
"Very funny!"
"What about you Kaaren? Any of them going to get in your panties?"
"Oh I could never decide so I'll let you have your Tight End and I'll take the rest!!!!"
"Oh My God!!!! you are such a sissy slut!!!"


  1. i was lucky..Wife didn't make me do a cheer at halftime yesterday! sara

    1. Sweetie my wife has a cheerleader "thing" too but it hasn't yet involved me doing a cheer!!!

    2. Kaaren- do you think She got interested in cheering in school, or is it just to knock you down a peg or two? ;) sara

    3. It's way more than that....there's some kind of issue she had with a cheerleader named Donna way back when and she's never told me too much about it....but when I'm wearing my cheer outfit and she spanks me or I kiss her ass she loves to call me Donna!
      I hope she'll tell me must be some story!!!

  2. You know this gets me going Kaaren, given my devotion to a particular cheerleader. As for you being a slut, your wife knows you all too well....

    1. She says slut....I say enthusiastic participant....alright, I guess slut is a lot easier to say!!!