Friday, August 19, 2016

Cuckolded Sissy

Waiting, waiting, you other sissy's get tired of all the waiting!!!!! Every time I've had sex with her I came almost immediately and I know that's bad....but damn....he's been fucking her for over an hour.....I don't know if he's ever going to cum....maybe he'll just keep fucking her forever!!!!
Oh my I wish I had the key....maybe he can hold off forever but if I had the chance I would probably cum in like ten seconds!!!!
It wouldn't be so bad if I was watching but he said no...and I guess my knees would be aching if I was kneeling beside her bed for this long....but they just keep going and going!!!!
Maybe soon....maybe soon they'd be done....and she'd come to me....and let me lick up what would have to be a huge load of his creamy cum.....or I could crawl to her....crawl to her bed and lick her well fucked pussy while he laughed at me....
Maybe then he would allow me to suck his cock.....just so he could stand over me and laugh and tell me how he enjoyed fucking my wife.....that would almost be enough to make me cum even with the cage....
But none of this will ever happen if he doesn't cum the meantime I'll just keep on waiting and waiting and waiting.....


  1. lo so tesoro così è la vita non sempre piaciamo a tutti e tutte soprattutto ai nuovi amanti delle nostre debbono abituare piano piano a noi sexy sissy ...d'altronde abbiamo cose speciali e loro non sono abituati ma vedrai che col tempo la nostra signora lo convincerà che siamo delle belle e perfette macchine da sesso e lui dopo che ci avrà provato vedrai non potrà più fare a meno dei nostri piccanti servigi...!! baci baci baci amore

  2. Poor sissy, oh but I love that picture of you waiting

  3. Its obvious that a sissy would be in a hurry for the lover to cum but then the lover would be just as bad as the sissy. The sissy is more than likely in that position because he would cum quick and not provide his queen with pleasure. Yes the waiting is too much for the sissy but the rewards of his waiting are all worth it.

    1. This was a "stream of consciousness" kind of thing for always amazes me how long a real man can last with a woman where I was always too fast to do her any good!!!


  4. You slyly captured a cuckold's feelings of inferiority and a sissy's need to serve, both in one frustrated husband. Well done, Kaaren.

  5. Love this waiting, waiting, waiting - the anticipation to serve, the rewards and offer my clean up skills...