Saturday, August 27, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Deep Cover

It was the job of the US Marshall's to protect witnesses who were in danger! New identities and new lives were created to keep then safe....and periodic checks were made to ensure that they were still safe!!!
US Marshall Bill Marshall was in charge of Tony "Peanuts" Penocotti's case. Marshall Marshall had endured teasing about his name for years but he didn't mind......he recognized that it was a funny coincidence!!!!  He had been tipped that Tony Peanuts name had been getting a lot of play on their surveillance tapes lately!!!!
He spent a lot of time watching and every time he came in Tony got more and more nervous!!! Tony didn't think that any of his former colleagues would recognize him now but he couldn't be sure.....until that night when Marshall Marshall suddenly pushed him down and opened fire!!!!!
He had to move...they knew who he was....all the surgery....all the pain....and still they had found him!!!!
Marshall Marshall standing over the dead assassin realized the only safe place for Tony was with him!!!
He smiled....that surgery had really been worthwhile!!!

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  1. ma che fantastica trama cinematografica !!! wow che bella anche con risvolti tragici ed insieme trasformazione in femmina ed il poliziotto che la difende a costo della vista...questo è amore...!! certo che subire dolorosi interventi chirurgici con tanti sacrifici e poi essere eliminata...nòò non ci stò...!! baci baci baci bella mia !!!