Tuesday, August 30, 2016


"So Baby have you decided?"
"Yes...I've decided!"
"So what will it be Baby?"
"I don't want to lose you...."
"I don't want to lose you either Baby....but this is non-negotiable.....so what have you decided?"
"I'll do it.....I don't want to but I'll do it!"
"Do what Baby.....I want to hear it?"
"I'll....suck his cock for you!!!"
"And I'll swallow all his cum!!!"
"I knew you would Baby....now lets talk about wearing my panties......"


  1. Oh yes I'm sure I would melt too for mistress and do that too

  2. sììì amore anche io ho deciso da tempo di diventare una femmina a tempo pieno d'ora in poi appena posso indosso solo cose belle sexy e femminili comprese le mutandine come la mia bella padrona e i suoi innumerevoli amici ed amiche vogliono...quanto mi piace vedermi sissy !! baci baci baci