Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Tommy Came Home

When Tommy came home he didn't expect much in the way of a welcome....
After all these years....they hadn't changed but he had!!!!!
His brothers and sisters shunned him at the funeral as if it was his fault!!!!
How was he to know.....
When his father opened the door there was no sign of recognition.....had he really been gone so long....changed so much....that his own father wouldn't recognize him!!!
"Hi's me....Tommy....I've come home...."
He had a lot more to say....but the old man looked him up and down once....clutched at his chest and collapsed!
Oh well....Tammy was only passing through....she wasn't looking to reconcile and from the looks of it neither was anyone else....

1 comment:

  1. certo tesoro che andare via da casa come maschietto e tornare dopo tanti anni e presentarsi così bella e prosperosa a casa il minimo che può capitare a parenti e fratelli e che qualcuno collassi...!! un cambiamento niente male da cenerentola a principessa...!! wow che super- seno !!! sei bella spiritosa ma anche profonda e sensibile ti adoro baci baci baci