Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Piercing Humiliation

When she took me for my belly piercing she told me I had to strip down to my panties which amused the girls at the shop quite a bit!!!!!
When I asked them why I had to strip they laughed....
"Ask your wife.....she wanted it not us!!!!"
But my wife, sitting close by just smiled....she knew I would replay this humiliation over and over in my fantasies....she knows me so well!!!!


  1. Nice, but I would have had a flashier dangle, bigger diamond, something in hot pink to match the cage.

  2. oddio amore chi ha inventato il piercing stile orecchino al ventre sull'ombelico ha fatto la scoperta più sexy del mondo...come ti fa femmina !!! sia se hai il ventre super-piatto o se hai un poco di rotondità...solo a guardarlo nella tua foto mi eccito ti fa sentire una piccola birbante giovanile figa !!! grazie tesoro sei un amore !!!

  3. A length of fine chain could be hooked to the new piercing and used to hold the chastity tube straight up. What a lovely look that would be.