Sunday, August 14, 2016

That Guy

"Do you see that guy over there Sweetheart?"
"Which one Sissy?"
"The one staring at us...."
"Which one Sissy....there's more than one!"
"The cute one......"
"The one in the blue suit with the red tie!"
"Okay Sissy....what about him?"
"He said he wanted to take us "girls" out for a ride on his yacht!!!"
"And what about his cock Sissy? Is it big enough to satisfy us?"
"I....I don't know...."
"Well Sissy you just march back over there and find out and then we'll discuss it...."
"But how am I supposed to...."
"Well you could ask....but men always lie about it....I think the best way is to just grab it.....then we'll know!!!!"
"Just....just grab it....."
"Oh my god're are just too go...I wouldn't mind having a big cock to play with tonight......"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

1 comment:

  1. che magnifica mini storia tesoro molto erotica e piena di aspettative sono timida e spesso come la tua sissy arrossisco in presenza di sguardi profondi o situazioni intriganti di corteggiamento...ancora adesso non mi sono abituata la mia indole dolce ma passionale mi porterà sempre ad arrossire come una per me è bello !! grazie sei un amore di persona fantasiosa ed elegante mi piaci baci baci baci