Tuesday, August 16, 2016

That Answers That

The Policeman who lives down the street is a member of the departments Pipe and Drum Band. He goes to practice every Tuesday in full regalia, kilt and all! He looked positively dreamy and the kilt somehow made him seem more manly!
I speculated on what he might have under that kilt, my wife told me traditionally men wore nothing under the kilt and after that I was even more interested!
Imagine my surprise when my wife invited him in to meet me!
Well one thing led to another and I found out what was under that kilt and it was big and sweet and I got to have it all to myself as my wife watched!!! She's very good to me!!!!


  1. wow sotto il gonnellino c'è tanto tanto ben di dio !!! o mamma quanto c'è da mangiare da ingoiare da assaporare...un pasto così abbondante io non l'ho mai fatto mi resterà indigesto...!? penso proprio di no la voglia è tanta ed il sapore è gustosissimo penso che ne mangerò fino a scoppiare...e magari alla fine scoppia anche lui il mio grosso carnoso salame e mi regala quel bianco caldo succulento digestivo che mi farà venir subito ancora fame...!!! grazie amore mi stai trasformando piano piano in una perfetta golosa femminuccia !!! baci baci baci

  2. Only the one? What about the rest of the band? Maybe next time. :)