Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sissy Logic

Neither one recognized the obvious flaw in their reasoning....
"You tie my hands then I'll tie yours!"
"But when I tried that with you it didn't work.....I was tied up and you weren't!!!"
"That's why we're tying mine first this time!!!"
"Oh....that makes sense!!!"


  1. quando si incontrano due giovani inesperte trav che vogliono giocare a far le grandi senza aver consultato la loro padrona combinano dei disastri...diventano impacciate ma pur sempre molto sexy e belle perchè vestite da piccole bambole sissy l'ingenuità rende ancor più belle e sexy !!! ti vorrei tanto baciare dal vivo mia misteriosa bella creatura fantasiosa e piccante baci baci baci tesoro grande !!

  2. Oh yes such a deceptive girl, now once lets go to the bedroom and get you ready for our guest.
    First I put you in a diaper and frilly plastic pants and then you will be tied to the bed in your pretty dress and be used as a ....,,, hummm

  3. Sissies aren't known to be very smart. That is also why they have to be diapered with their hands tied they are helpless.