Sunday, August 7, 2016

You Have A....

"Oh my have a're a man!!!!!"
"Not really Baby....I'm a sissy and I love to suck cocks more than just about anything else....and yours feels so nice in my hand....I'd love to get down on my knees and rub your hard cock all over my face....I'd love to kiss and lick your balls before I take your beautiful cock in my mouth and suck you until you fill my mouth with your delicious cream....and then I'd like to start all over what do you think I girl enough for you want me to get down on my knees for you....can you overlook my hard little clit and let me do that for you???"
"Oh yes....please....."


  1. God i love this. Wonderful lust

  2. If it was just that easy when meeting a man, us sissy's would have a wonderful life.

  3. dai vieni più vicino bambino mio lasciati baciare non aver paura il mio carnoso pugnale non ti punge accosta il tuo gran bel cazzo al mio vedrai che mentre mi baci lentamente ti viene voglia di sentirmi di toccarmi di spogliarmi tutta...sono la tua bambola con lo spinotto da portare alla bocca e soffiarci dentro...vieni saremo felici cazzo contro cazzo !! baci baci baci