Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Small Town Girls - Dawn Breaks

It's hard to keep secrets in a small town and Johnny and Tommy, or Joanie and Tammy as they preferred to be called had always been so careful!
In the glow of the early morning sun they stepped out onto the terrace wearing only the panties each had "borrowed" from their sister!!!! The sleepover hadn't involved much sleep.....every time they dozed off they awoke to fall into each others arms again!!!
Now as the town still slumbered....they felt so daring....anyone from any of the surrounding houses could see them.....
Maybe it was the panties  they were wearing....maybe it was the danger of discovery....maybe it was lust....or maybe it was love......they pulled each other they had all night....but with the sounds of the birds singing their dawn chorus and the distant sounds of the town beginning to wake....they kissed as passionately as any two lovers ever had.....until a noise nearby startled them and Joanie smiled.....
"Come back to bed with me Tammy! Let's get some rest!"
Tammy smiled a sly smile and they both laughed as they fell onto the bed.....together....


  1. i just wish my butt was that cute!!
    i run daily to keep slender...but wow! s

  2. la città è piccola e la gente mormora...!! si fa presto a far spargere la voce che le due femminucce si amano...successe anche a me a scuola media ultimo anno...un ragazzo del liceo al primo anno mi faceva il filo a me che ero una classe prima di lui...le scuole di noi due erano nello stesso comprensorio e una volta ci sorpresero sotto nello scantinato che lui mi pomiciava ardentemente mentre mi palpava il mio voce si sparse in un baleno ma devo dire che a me mi agevolò...da quel giorno ero la femminuccia più corteggiata della scuola dai vogliosi eccitati e sempre a cazzo dritto dei maschi...curiosi di come baciavo e di come prendevo loro i cazzi frementi di voglie !!! baci baci baci