Sunday, August 28, 2016


"You've been good so I decided to release you so you could have an erection.....but that's all Sissy!!!! If you cum you'll be in that cage for a year....I've done it before Sissy and I can do it can watch and you can touch your pathetic little clit but no cumming!!!!"


  1. attenzione piccole belle sissy le regole son regole...non sempre le nostre o i nostri padroni in privato usano le stesse categoriche regole alcune ed alcuni bei padroni a volte sono molto meno severi e se la regola impone di guardare ammirare toccarsi fuori dalla gabbia am non schizzare...allora è meglio no niente più dolci rapporti a tre con gli amanti per un mese...!! adoro questo blog...baci baci baci!!

  2. Oh Kaaren, you know how much I hate being released and not being permitted to cum. It is so hard not to want to cum while my wife is being taken by her lover. Oh I have a feeling I will be locked away for a year.

  3. Teasing and denial, with the sissy having to tease himself, is a great idea. Maybe she should give him some lube to make his self-torment even more intense.

  4. Oh my I could never do it I'm sure I would be caged for a year and for good measure diaperd as well just to make me feel really humiliated

    1. Well said, RL. I like the way you think.