Sunday, August 21, 2016

That One little Drop

She asked him if he wanted a release and of course he said had been a few months since she'd allowed him an orgasm....
She stroked him lightly and slowly....she knows how ready he was....
Then she watched that one little drop of pre-cum leak out and she smiled!!!
"Okay you've had your release.....let's get you into that cold shower and back into the cage!"
"But you said....."
"I said to get into the shower and back in the cage you've had the only release you're getting come with me like a good girl....."


  1. Such a great picture and caption, Kaaren. So to the point for the chastised sissy. Yes we allow her to control everything about us and that includes our orgasms. Thanks, Kaaren.

  2. io penso che le padroncine dovrebbero lasciare libere una volta a settimana, come una libera uscita un giorno di ferie, alle loro piccole sissy-maid...!! fargli fare per un giorno alla settimana tutto ciò che per esempio resterei vestita da bella sissy ma mi libererei il mio piccolo pisello grosso come un clitoride e starei senza mutandine a ballare felice come una donzella sulle punte...!! grazie tesoro bella baci baci baci