Thursday, August 4, 2016


They had dated for months, each time he had pushed a little bit further.....her soft skin....her lovely soft belly.....her nipples on her surprisingly flat chest....his cock in her mouth....his cum in her tummy!!!!
But he wanted more....he wanted what she kept hidden in her pants.....and when he finally got she laid there....vulnerable and afraid......he smiled and took her into his mouth....he loved her after all.......


  1. è vero che al mio primo appuntamento con un uomo che mi piaceva tanto e per di più di nascosto nella sua automobile mi batteva il cuore a mille...ero vestita da femminuccia sexy ma avevo paura di sembrare ridicola poi le paure son sfumate in un attimo dopo i primi baci e carezze a lui piacevo tantissimo come femminuccia e come sissy-boy...a lui piaceva tutto di me !!! grazie amore mi fai sempre sognare ricordare pensare...sei mitica baci baci baci

  2. That happened to me once years ago. I met this girl and we had a great time together. We were kissing and I was holding her close and I thought I felt something and I immediately thought it felt like a cock so I started to feel under her skirt and she stopped me. At that point I knew this was a guy. S I started to feel again and again she stopped me. That's when I told her/him I knew he was a guy and I was okay with it. We had a great night of fun and sex.