Saturday, August 20, 2016

Saturday Matinee - The Virus

General Joseph Grant looked into the monitor and shuddered at what he saw!!!!
How had this happened? How had the containment been broken????
"Colonel Tibbets!" he thundered "explain to me what happened!!"
"Sir....the report is on your desk!"
"Tibbets!!! The report is the size of War and Peace just tell me what did this happen? He pointed at the monitor!
On the screen there were multiple cameras all showing the inside of the Astrobiology Base and all the personnel were either actively making love or quietly masturbating!!!! And there were no men....none!
"As near as we can tell General....going from the offsite backups....they brought in the sample from the meteorite that hit Maryland last Tuesday and placed it under strict quarantine, no human contact, after it was determined that there was a living organism that had survived the journey through our atmosphere. That's almost unheard of as I'm sure you're aware....the last time was almost 40 years ago with that problem out west with the Andromeda Strain!"
"Yes, yes....but what happened here!"
"As near as we can tell from the partial distress transmissions and the automated systems it seems that a break in containment occurred on on Thursday....we're not sure how that happened but we're running computer simulations to determine...."
"Tell me about this!!!" the general pointed at the females writhing in pleasure on the screen!
""It seems the organism was a virus that attacks human DNA and makes changes.....males very quickly become females....completely....."
"Holy Hell Tibbets!!!! You mean they lose their.....masculinity!!!
"Completely Sir!"
"And what about the women?"
"Well they don't undergo any physical metamorphosis like the males do....but the virus seems to make all of them, males and females, sexually voracious!!!"
"And it's transmitted through sexual contact?"
"Actually Sir....any physical contact......even the most casual bump on the street would be enough!"
"So the base is locked's contained!!!"
"No Lab Assistant, Jason Carter, got out before the lockdown was complete!!!! The last we saw him was on a camera at the gate....the guards tried to stop him but he was on a motorcycle going like hell and they hesitated to shoot!!!"
"Oh my god he contagious!!!"
"I'm afraid so Sir....we've been following his trail based on where we've had outbreaks of the virus in Kentucky, Missouri and Kansas.....we believe we've been able to lock down these far the bigger cities have been spared....he's moving west Sir and we've set up roadblocks to intercept him....we just hope he hasn't changed direction!!!"

He wasn't sure what had happened but when the alarm rang his only thought was to run....he realized he had changed....his body was different and he had a one track mind....but he knew if they caught him it was permanent containment or a very short walk to the incinerator.....he stopped here in Kansas...he wasn't sure of where he was going....but he had to put as many miles between him and them as he could.....suddenly he heard the sound of several motorcycles coming into the station just as he had, and suddenly the urge was on him....stronger than anything....he would go see if any of them wanted to spend a few minutes with him.....
And so the FemVirus as it came to be called, continued to spread and move west!!!!

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  1. che fantasia fervida che hai sei molto brava amore mi piacciono i tuoi brevi racconti mi fanno pensare e mi mettono allegria...!! se ora il Femm-virus và verso ovest è meglio che mi sbrighi a prendere un aereo e volargli incontro...non vedo l'ora che mi contagi...mi trova preparata ho già indossato tacchi calze e lingerie così mi bastano solo un aggiunta di un piccolo seno e sarò perfetta come ho sempre desiderato...!! brava e bella grazie baci baci baci