Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Called In Sick

"Come on sissies....stop your dawdling....!"
"Where are you taking us?"
"Leeanne...your wife was only too happy to loan you to me and Kaaren's wife told me to keep her as long as I need let's get your sweet little bottom's moving!"
"But why?"
"If you must know two of my most popular whores are out sick....and your wives were nice enough to volunteer your let's get going....I have a lounge full of horny men waiting!!!"
As the two sissies passed her on the stairs Kaaren asked.....
"Why didn't you say so!!!!!"

1 comment:

  1. wow amori di Kaaren e Leeanne sarebbe bellissimo conoscervi amarvi apprezzare le vostre voglie e qualità...mi piacerebbe molto far parte del vostro esclusivo club !!! essere una cagnolina sissy affettuosa solo questo desidero !!! baci baci baci...che foto bellissima accattivante eccitante!!! la passeggiata inattesa !!