Thursday, September 29, 2016


"They'll be here soon Sissy, both of them are coming you understand?"
I could only nod!!!
"I'm going to fuck them both Sissy, both of them at the same our you understand?"
I could only nod!!!
"Then, and only then, I'm going to remove your gag and let you lick up all of their you understand?"
I could only nod!!!
"Then I'm going to watch as they take you Sissy.....I'm going to cum while they take their pleasures with you.....Is that alright with you that something you'd do for me?"
How could I answer? How could I tell her that if it was what she wanted then it was what I wanted.....if it gave her pleasure then it gave me pleasure....that I found joy in submitting to her wishes.....that the idea thrilled me more because it was her could I tell her.....
I could only nod!!!!

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  1. siamo dolci cagnette al servizio della magnifica nostra padrona che ci fa fare giochini privati in buona compagnia che ci addestra ad essere docili fedeli e servizievoli e grandi lecca lecca scodinzolanti come cagnette in calore...adoro annuire a proposte indecenti e lussuriose !!! grazie kaaren sei magnifica !!! baci baci baci