Saturday, September 3, 2016


She gasped softly as his hands slowly revealed more and more of her flesh....he smiled as she leaned back against him and ground her bottom against his already rock hard manhood....their passion building as his hands roamed over her and she reached back and stroked his muscular thighs....their lust more and more inflamed...there need for each other building in intensity every minute.....their eyes locked onto her sissy husband kneeling and watching, quietly whimpering, barely audible through her panties in his mouth....

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  1. sììì è bello essere la cagnetta fedele e remissiva di mia moglie ed il suo amante...tutto per lei faccio ma anche per ottenere poi per lo meno le briciole di un passionale amore come leccare alla fine la passera di mia moglie e lavare bene bene la cappella di lui...sììì mi piace fare la lurida cagnetta leccatrice !!! baci baci baci