Monday, September 26, 2016


He had always been curious and finally it got the better of him!!!!
The house was quiet when he went into his sister's room.....he knew which drawer it was....the top drawer in the tall dresser....that was where she kept her underwear!!!
He saw them in the laundry....the little girl cotton briefs had changed over the past couple of years to soft, sexy, little, wispy things that had fueled his nice must they feel to wear....maybe they excited her as much as they excited him....maybe they made her hand slip into them and.....he had to stop thinking like that....she was his sister....and what would she say if she caught him here.....naked.....stroking his hard teenage cock with the red satin panties he had seen hanging in the bathroom....he wished he could see her wearing them....he wished she could see him wearing them.....he wanted to be punished for felt so good....
The moment of release....the moment of ecstasy.....the moment the door opened and his sister and her friend walked was the moment his life changed....


  1. Being caught ah yes every sissies fantasy, how will he be punished? Forced into her clothes then paraded around the neighborhood, or made to wear her clothes just in front of her girlfriends as they take pictures and laugh at you
    Oh my to be caught

  2. io penso che abbiamo cominciato ad esser femminucce quando abbiamo ammirato e sfiorato le mutandine della mamma o della sorella le loro calze velate e loro scarpe magnifiche col tacco...a me è così che è scattata la molla che i miei ormoni femminili hanno preso il sopravvento...sono sempre stata attratta dai dolci clisteri e la lingerie sexy femminile sin da fanciulletta !! grazie amore mi fai sempre tanto piacere esprimermi sinceramente e tranquillamente sul tuo blog meraviglioso!! baci baci baci