Saturday, September 17, 2016

Saturday Matinee - If The Shoe Fits

She laughed when she heard the story, the newsmen on the radio were going mad.....the Prince was dead!!! The heir to the throne was gone!!!! With the king and queen so old how could the monarchy be saved!!!
He would have never had a chance to get so close if it hadn't been for an amazing coincidence!!!!
He always loved to watch that family....all women so their modesty at home left something to be desired and he particularly loved to watch them punish the pretty one....he had never seen so much bare flesh!!!! From his favorite spot behind the shrubs he had watched them literally tear the dress from her body, revealing more of her than he had ever seen!!!
But then something wondrous, truly wondrous happened and he watched the Fairy appear and he watched the transformation she performed!!!!
As the beautiful sister rode off in her gilded coach he caught the Fairy by the scruff of her neck and at knife point demanded she do the same for him!!!
"You wish to be a Prince at the Royal Ball!!!"
"No you old Fairy hag I wish to be the most beautiful woman there!!!"
"But why....why would you want that?"
"I have my get to work!!!"
The fairydust swirled around him and he was transformed!!!!
"You must return by midnight or you will be a woman forever!!! the old Fairy told him right before he cut her throat!!!
"Now I will have my revenge against those royal killed my brother for poaching a rabbit to feed his family now I'll steal your legacy from you!!!"
All eyes turned as the second newcomer entered the Ball, even more stunning than the one that the Prince had just stepped outside with!!! She practically had to fight her way across the dance floor as men abandoned their partners to ask her to dance!!!
She found them on the terrace.....he was kissing her and his hands were inside her gown making her gasp when the clock began to chime midnight.....she broke away from the Prince and ran....leaving a shoe behind!!!
Before he could catch her a new beauty caught his eye....she sauntered up to him and pulled up her gown inviting him to sample her charms!!!!
Their encounter was short.....the Prince, catching his breath remarked that he didn't even know her name!!!!
She plunged the dagger into his chest!!!
"I am Vengeance....I am Death!!!"
Then she ran...
Life as a beautiful woman had it's benefits.....she was quickly taken in by a very rich man who showered her with gifts....the finest jewels and the most beautiful dresses....and she followed the hunt for the assassin very carefully....after all they had her shoe and soon they would have her head!

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  1. splendida breve storia...molto più bella e realistica di quella classica di Cenerentola...!! questa storia è di gran lunga più eccitante e appassionante !! grazie per le splendide letture Kaaren baci baci baci !!!...adoro le col tacco mi raccomando !! baci baci baci