Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sissy School - The Great Outdoors

"Alright Sissy.....you're out in the forest.....a man walks up behind you and grinds his erect cock against you.....what do you do?"
"Well first I grind back to let him know I appreciate his attention!"
"Very good Sissy....then?"
"Then I lower my panties....but I leave them around my ankles!"
"Oh very good....you've obviously done the reading....then?"
"Then I bend over and let him use me for his pleasure?"
"Hmmmm....and then?"
"When he finishes I thank him for allowing me to please him."
"Alright Sissy, let's go over this as I simulate the encounter, the only place you went wrong was that you forgot to flip up your skirt before he entered you....but I'm going to give you a B+ on the exercise now just hold still while I see how well you handle this!"
"Thank you Ma'am!"


  1. ohhh ma quante cose devo ancora imparare per diventare una piccola perfetta sissy...!! poi io adoro farlo all'aperto in automobile mi eccita tantissimo soprattutto al mio primo appuntamento con un uomo...andare in luoghi appartati e avere i primi approcci amorosi con la paura di essere scoperti...!! quanto mi eccita farlo all'aperto !!! grazie amore sei fantastica la mia lettura preferita baci baci baci !!

  2. Oh, this is hot! ~s