Saturday, September 24, 2016

Saturday Matinee - The Pit of Horror

Would this nightmare never end??? Dragged from his bed in the middle of the night and taken to.....somewhere.....he really didn't know where this place was....perhaps it was Hell!!!
Whenever he awoke he was in a different operating room....a hospital room....a theater of some kind where he watched endless films about.....about what.....he couldn't remember......
Countless injections of drugs......he knew he was changing.....
Finally properly dressed in a pretty purple dress and the sexiest lingerie, he presented himself to the Doctor as he knew he should....he waited for the man's decision!!!!
"Fritz!!!! Igor!!!! Take it away...I've failed again!!!! Toss it in the pit and then fetch me another subject.....I think I'm getting closer to the secret.....soon I'll be able to transform any man into a female love slave!!!!"
The two misshapen men took the struggling figure and bound him tightly and carried him to the pit!!!!
The bound man looked into the pit and began to scream and struggle again, nearly writhing loose from their grip!!!! Below he could see a vision straight from Dante's Inferno!!!! Half men half women, half men half....god knows, half something else.....shuffled and fought.....the stronger ones preying on the weaker....satisfying their depraved lusts.....some....oh my god....some appeared to be eating another in the corner....blood and viscera dripping from their malformed faces!!!
And many of them were watching as he was being lowered toward them.....his mind teetered on the edge of madness!!!! Suddenly he stopped! He strained to hear his captors conversation!!!
"You know Fritz......we do this for the Master all the time and all we ever get is abuse....I think maybe we deserve something other than room, board and the sting of his whip!!!"
"What did you have in mind Igor?"
"Look at this one's the closest he has ever gotten to making one for himself....doesn't it seem a waste to lose her in the pit?"
"You know it's not really a's close but it still has....."
"It's close enough for me......I don't know about you Fritz, but it's close enough for me!!! I say we keep it, we deserve a toy to play with too!!!"
"But the Master...."
"We'll hide her....we'll keep her in that trunk in your room and only take her out when we want to use her....."
"Well i guess we can try it for a while and if we don't like it then....."
"Then we drop it in the pit!!!"
Slowly he felt himself being lifted back out of the horrors of the pit but as the two twisted men finally pulled him back over the edge they found that he had gone quite mad.....they didn't care though.....they didn't want him for conversations!!!!

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  1. wow la rivolta degli schiavi...bravi i miei due deformi assistenti...!! in Italia si dice : "è bello ciò che piace" e si dice anche : "a volte è un peccato buttar via cose se ancora piacciono o servono"...ed i due assistenti fanno bene a non buttar via la femminuccia sperimentale solo perchè non era venuta bella e perfezione non è di questo mondo...guarda me...!! mi fai sempre felice in ogni cosa che pubblichi sei un vero tesoro baci baci baci