Saturday, September 3, 2016

Saturday Matinee - The Secret of Little Big Horn

General George Armstrong Custer lay dying....the men of the 7th Cavalry had been massacred by the heathen redskins....the brash young Indian fighter had been beaten by the Lakota Sioux, Cheyenne and Arapaho...led by that devil Sitting Bull....he felt his lifeblood seeping from the multiple wounds as he stared into the sky!!!
Suddenly a shadow fell across him as the Great Chief Sitting Bull found him....he shouted a command in his native tongue and another man ran to join him....
"So General, there will be no more killing of our women and children for you.....the Great Spirit of the Wind has spoken to me and told me that death is not punishment enough for must know the pain you have must feel it....every day....forever!!!"
The man with the Great Chief was adorned in furs and feathers, amulets and charms hung from his neck.....a medicine man....Custer would have laughed if he heathen medicine was going to save him now!!!!
The medicine man reached into his pouch and took some powder into his hand....after a few guttural words he sprinkled the dust into Custer's open mouth.....leaning closer he looked directly into the dying man's eyes and said, "Squawman....forever!!!", and sprinkled another handful of the foul tasting dust into Custer's face!!!! Custer closed his eyes to welcome death as everything went black!!!!

After 140 years he was still dismayed to see the reflection.....he was a Squawman still....used by generation after generation....passed from one tribe to another....he had borne many children and he would probably give birth to many more!!!!
In his rare moments of peace he would go out alone and pray to the Great Spirit to release him from this curse....but his prayers were never answered.....he slowly went they were giving him to another tribe and he would stay with them for a generation and then be passed again...and again...and again....

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  1. amore oggi hai superato te stessa...!! splendida storia !! tutti conoscono quella tradizionale ma la tua è di gran lunga la più fantasiosa e meravigliosa visto la giusta punizione...lui che uccideva donne e bambini ora era donna squaw e avrebbe procreato per sempre generazioni di pellerossa !!! ti mando tanti baci affettuosissimi ed ti dico che io sto con gli indiani !!! baci baci baci bellissima creatura !!