Sunday, September 4, 2016


Lips covered in cum....would he kiss her? She really wasn't sure but she leaned in close anyway!!!!
He wanted to kiss her so badly....he wanted her lips on his....but all that cum!!!! He really wasn't sure what she'd think of him if he did kiss her!!!
She sensed his hesitation and she was momentarily annoyed with him....honestly why was he making such a big thing out of was just a kiss....but her anger melted away when she looked into his eyes....just as it always did....
She leaned closer and licked a drop of the sweet white cream from his chin before it could drip onto his chest....and she whispered to him....
"Kiss me's alright....I've tasted his cum before!!!"
Across the room her lover was dressing to go....


  1. Sissy may have hesitated because the boyfriend was still in the room and he was embarrassed, but sissy should have been thinking only of the Mistress and the pleasure she was about to receive by sharing the cummy kiss.

  2. quando una piccola trav ha fatto il suo dovere (...e piacere !!) e la sua padrona le si avvicina per condividere la gioia di aver fatto godere tanto il loro occasionale amante è normale che ci scambino dolci lunghi baci e ci si scambi saliva e sperma con tenere leccatine qua e là...!! grazie amore bella kaaren baci baci baci