Friday, September 23, 2016

Go Ahead Sissy

"Go ahead Sissy...finish him deserve it....after all he was your best friend before I started fucking him.....and you should have a special memory of that.....the taste of his cum in your mouth while you watch him make me cum on his nice big manly cock....that's all for you Baby!!!!"


  1. io che adoro fare ricchi lavoretti di bocca a bei piselli e belle fighe questo rapporto aperto tra persone mi fa impazzire รจ l'ideale di vita per me sarei una sissy deliziosa e mia moglie ed i suoi amanti e nostri amici sarebbero sempre felici ad essere invitati a casa nostra...nel nostro grande e comodo letto matrimoniale !!! grazie amore baci baci baci

  2. My wife enjoys watching me suck my best friend until I have made his cock rock hard .When it is good and hard she makes me watch him fuck her good and hard ,pleasing her better than I am able to.If she has to leave before he fucks her she lets me take her place.It was so humiliating when my best friend,,the man who was my best man at our wedding told me to wear Amys wedding gown when he came over ,that I was going to be his sissy wife .My wife dressed me in everything she wore at our wedding and even got ordaned and married us .