Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Critical Eye

She always watched as I sucked her lover's balls.....she would offer her opinions on my technique.....and she would offer her own suggestions....and when I had him at the peak of excitement she would take him away from me....I would watch that hard cock fucking her....that hard cock that I could still taste....soon I would taste his sweet cum....the sissy's reward....and then maybe I could suck him again!!!!


  1. Glad you pay attention to the balls. They can make an oral session last longer, or quite shorter, just by giving variety to the machinations of the delivery person!

    PS. sent you an email and a reminder that I think there will be perhaps be a sassy sissy caption posted soon to the blog, with maybe a touch of cuckoldry involved!

    1. I always aim to make the session last longer....after all I don't want him to get too excited....he's not there for me after all!!!
      I replied to your e-mail and I always love to be a guest star on the Dee Mentia show!!!!