Monday, March 20, 2017

My Analyst is Not Available

When I arrived at my analysts office I was surprised to find it empty except for her receptionist.Usually there were a few other people there for Dr. Mentia's particular brand of fetish therapy....
On my last visit I found that Dr. Mentia was interested in some deep research into the many, many, fetishes that I have developed over the years and I wanted to discuss some new ones with her!!!
Her receptionist smiled at me and explained that Dr, Mentia was on sabbatical now and there was no definite date when she would return....
I told her that I understood, and thought about maybe finding another analyst even though I was so happy here.
As I turned to leave the receptionist called me back....
"Kaaren I meant to tell you that I've been left specific instructions if you should come in....let me just go through my notes....oh here it is....I'm supposed to ask you to lick me and afterwards find out what you felt about it!!!"
"Lick you????"
"That's what Dr. Dee said!"
"Lick you where?"
Let's start with my pussy and we'll see how it's all for your own good after all!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"


  1. racconti brevi sempre pieni di sensualità erotismo ed un pizzico di folle passione!! baci baci baci

  2. So glad that my receptionist was there to help you out as best she could.

    I plan on posting twice a week for the foreseeable future, which isn't the way it was, but is better than once a week or less! Stay tuned as at some point hopefully the Doctor will be in!

    1. Your receptionist prompted me to think....if I could just use my tongue and worship a woman anywhere I wished....where would I start?
      The ate so many choices????