Friday, March 24, 2017


He heard his wife and her friends talking and laughing as they sat around the table having coffee. He gritted his teeth and tried to hold on but soon he would burst.
Slowly he made his way into the kitchen and peeking around the corner he tried to get his wife's attention without alerting the others!
Making eye contact he tried to silently mouth his plea to her and she nodded discretely. He breathed a sigh, but not of relief, he had no relief yet!!!
"Excuse me," his wife said to her friends, "My husband needs me for a moment..."
Thank god......he could barely hold it now...
"Honey," she called out, "Come in here and tell me what you need!"
"No....ummmm.....never mind!" the pressure in his bladder was immense now!!!
"Nonsense, come in and tell me what you need right now!"
He recognized that tone in her voice and slowly walked into the kitchen....
Blushing and looking only at his feet he asked, "Could you please pull my panties down so I can go to the bathroom?"
The ladies all burst out laughing as he cringed with embarrassment....
"Do you need to make pee-pee Sweetie?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Excuse me ladies, let me take care of this before he wets those pretty panties, they're new and he looks so pretty in them!"
She led him to the bathroom and as he sat to pee he saw several of the ladies gathered to watch!!!
"I think he'd look prettier if you got rid of all that nasty hair!" one of them said.
"Oh yes," said another, "I quite agree!"
"Well." his wife said, "then if you all want to help lets do'll be fun!"
He wished he could flush himself away as the ladies all circled around him....


  1. baci baci baci !!

  2. You have such an evil, wicked mind. Love it!

    1. High praise considering the source!!!!
      Thanks for your support Dee!!!

  3. What a great story..thanks! ~sara