Friday, March 17, 2017

What Do I Want

I caught the Leprechaun fair and square and I was going to claim his pot of gold when he offered me three wishes instead!!!
Well I figured that with three wishes I could do much better than a lousy little pot of gold!!!
"So what is it that will make you happy Sissy? What do you want first?"
"Well it is St Patrick's Day so how about a sex toy that satisfies all my desires, something green in honor of the day!"
"Why that'd be no trouble at all, at all!!! With just a snap of my fingers!!!!" SNAP "There you go Sissy....that should take care of just about all your desires!!!"
I looked at my "toy". all in green and waiting for me....and looking so ready to play!!!
"What else might you be wanting Sissy, you have two more wishes to go?"
"Oh....ummm....I'll get back to you later...there's a couple of things I want to do now!?"
"Suit yourself....I'll wait over here by the liquor cabinet!!!"

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  1. wow storiella bellissima quanto la fot meravigliosa !! siamo sexy !! baci baci baci