Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Fires of Youth

"But Tommy I'm just not sure I can....."
" know I'm shipping out tomorrow.....I may never come back....this might be our only chance!!!?
"'s just wrong...."
"How could it be wrong Sweetheart? We've already been through so much together....all I want is something sweet to remember you by until I come home.....if I come home...."
"But Tommy....this is all so much for me....I just don't know...."
"C'mon know I love you don't you.....I just need a little something so I know you love me too....just something I can remember in the long cold days ahead!!!"
"But you're only reporting to Fort Hood in'll only be thirty miles away!!!!"
"Yes but how many times will we have this many times will your family be many times can you wear your sister's clothes like this....Billy....I'd get down on my knees and beg you if it's what you need!!!!"
"No Tommy....I're always......if either of us was getting on our knees I guess it should be me...."
"Oh yes Sweet little thing...."
"But promise me one thing!"
"Anything Baby!!!!"
"Don't get anything on her clothes....I have to put these back where I got them before she gets home!!!"
"No problem Baby!!!"


  1. So naughty, yet touching as well!

    1. Well I always loved naughty touching....