Saturday, March 4, 2017

Vacation Notes

Her....our niece.....sought me out during her wedding reception and pulled me aside for a private talk!!!
"Are you surprised that I know your secret Uncle....Kaaren....or maybe I should call you Aunt Kaaren?"
"Please....when we're alone just Kaaren will do....did my wife tell you?"
"Well yes....but I've always kind of weren't like any of the other men in the were like having a girlfriend whenever we talked....and the last time I saw you I asked your wife about it and she told me all about you......she made me promise to keep it a secret or it would cause you so many problems....and I've always loved you so I haven't told anyone!!!"
"Thank you, I appreciate that!"
"I'd like to meet Kaaren in person some day! Could we do that....would that be okay?"
"You know how much we love you and anytime you want to come visit I'd love to spend some girl time with you!!!"
"Girl're so funny!!! I'm liking you more than I already did!!!! Maybe in a month or two we can come for a visit...."
"Does your husband know....about me?"
"Oh no....he wouldn't understand at all....he's all man....but outside of his business he's dumb as a box of most men!!!"
We shared a few girlish giggles....
"Anyway we'll work it out because I really want to spend some time getting to know my new best friend Kaaren!!!"
I had tears in my eyes as I hugged her close......she wiped them away and told me she had to get back to the party and her guests but she had one more surprise for me!
"Your wife has it and she'll give it to you back at the hotel....I hope you'll like it!"
Like it!!!!! I loved it!!!!
Even now, back at home, I can still open the box and smell the perfumed sachet that was packed with it and slip on my bridesmaids dress.....and spend some time just imagining being there with the other girls....
I can't wait till they come for a visit and she can see me in it....I don't think the photo does it justice!!!

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  1. splendida breve romantica originale storia di amore e vita...!! splendidamente scritto con tanto amore e delicatezza la foro è splendida il mio sogno porterei quei vestiti e tutta la lingerie ricamata e sexy per sempre anche quando vado a dormire !! baci baci baci