Friday, March 10, 2017


"Oh look Sissy....isn't that the pub you used to go to before we were married?  Oh let's stop in and have a drink.....who knows....maybe some of your old friends are there.....wouldn't it be nice to get together and talk over old times?"
"And you look so pretty too....I'm sure you'll get everyone's attention as soon as we walk in!!!!"
I was sure too.....painfully aware of my short dress and petticoats....I walked into my old bachelor haunt....and wished I could fall through the floor as the buzz of conversation slowed, then stopped!!!!
"Bartender!" my wife called out, "Drinks for the bar, on us and I'll have a beer and my sweet little husband will have a Shirley Temple....with a cherry please!"
I just wanted to die right there and then....humiliated and embarrassed, I sipped my drink as she got to know all my old friends!!!

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  1. oh tesoro mi dispiace ma è lo scotto che si deve pagare per essere più belle e giorno che succederà a me lo so già che diventerò tutta rossa sulle guance ma poi passato il primo momento di disagio continuerò a sculettare ed essere femminile come piace a me...e scommetto che qualche mio vecchio amico alla fine mi corteggerà anche !! baci baci baci