Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday Breakfast

"Good morning Sissy."
"Good morning Ma'am, good morning Sir....can I get you any breakfast this morning?"
"Yes Sissy, make a nice big breakfast for him.....I'll just have coffee, I have a feeling I'm going to be full soon!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
Some husbands would be upset knowing that their wives were having a big black cock in their mouth on a lovely Sunday morning!
Me? I just smoothed down my dress and hustled to make him a big breakfast platter, he was going to need it if he wanted to keep up with her!!!


  1. è normale che la bella signora porca voglia solo un caffè espresso...tanto poi il biscotto nero da intingere dentro già c'è l'ha...!! oh mammina bella come ne vorrei assaggiare uno così bello così carnoso così scuro e tutto da lucidare con labbra lingua e saliva...per poi farsi trasformare dallo stallone nero in una piccola sissy dal piccolo culo...tutto rotto e slabbrato...!! bellissima scena grazie baci baci baci

  2. It's obvious why the Women don't want us up there... ~sara