Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Vacation Notes

I recently returned from a wonderful road trip/vacation with my beautiful wife and it was so much fun....we put about 4000 miles on the car but it didn't seem that long.....hitting the cruise control to keep us at a nice steady 80mph so I didn't have to keep my heels on the pedal was wonderful....
Driving long distances can be tedious and even with cruise control my legs get tired, I'm far more used to kneeling than sitting for extended periods!!!
That's why we took frequent breaks at the rest stops along the highways as we traveled....she seemed to always need to go to the ladies room and as for me...I liked to get a snack!!!
I found it was best to eat light while on the road and these high protein snacks were just what I needed!!!

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  1. io mi abbufferei solo di cazzo in tutte le salse ne mangerei fino a scoppiare...anzi a farli scoppiare...!! schizzare...!! godere...!! il più nutriente saporito dolce caldo sfizio della mia grande golosità un dessert a cui non vorrei mai rinunciare...anche se a volte diventa un pasto sempre buonissimo !! baci baci baci adoro fare pompe !!