Saturday, March 11, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Bride of the Monster

"But why? Why have you done this to me?!?!?"
"But you are so much prettier now my dear...."
"If you wanted a woman why didn't you take one  of them instead of killing them!!!! We meant you no harm.....we were just on our way to....."
"It doesn't matter my are exactly what I was looking for!!!"
"But I'm a man.....why would you make me look like a woman???? Why???"
" were a you will be the perfect Bride for Jontu!!! Oh yes I made your transformation very specific for what I needed!!!"
"Listen Jontu....I'll never be your Bride....I'll get out of these straps and I'll kill you...."
" dear....I'm not Jontu....that's Jontu." he pointed to the huge slobbering beast chained in the corner.
"But that's not human.....I can't be a bride to....oh my god you can't possibly be thinking of that thing....and me...."
"You see my dear, the human female's skeletal structure couldn't withstand mating with I needed a male.....but mating Jontu with a male wouldn't be natural so I had to put a female form onto a male skeleton....and here you are.....tonight you will be his Bride and maybe the mother of a new species, isn't that exciting?!?!?"
"Never!!!!" I'll never!!!!" his screams didn't stop the madman from rolling him into the beasts pen!!!

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