Friday, March 31, 2017

Growing Together

I always knew I needed it....somewhere in the back of my mind....I knew that it was what I wanted....needed....deserved....make of that what you will....blame it on whatever you like....but I knew when the time came for a paddling....I really deserved it!!!!
On the other hand she had to grow into the role of disciplinarian....she loved me and never dreamed of hurting me....but once she understood that not punishing me hurt me more than the paddle ever could, she became much more.....enthusiastic....when it came to correcting me.....soon she was looking for excuses to use the paddle....and I was more than willing to give her reasons to bend me over.........


  1. My wife showed me this posting and we can most certainly relate to this scene.

    The woman is using a Spencer Paddle which has the little holes in it to make a nice swishing sound when used correctly.

    By correctly I mean hard and fast so the sound clearly indicates the next sound will be my ass getting both cheeks smacked and an intense feeling of pain followed by immediate redness and possibly welts.

    The guy is clearly accepting the punishment, as he should, and permitting his significant other the pleasure of delivering the punishment and the feeling of total control as her submissive male takes the ass beating.

    A good ass beating like that really helps a marriage where one Partner is a Sissy Male and the other Partner is Dominant Wife.

    A Husband should permit his Wife to restrain him and then punish him.

    A restrained punishment is best done with the husband freshly shaved smooth wearing pretty lingerie, makeup and a wig so his wife can see his total submission as he kneels and requests the Spencer Paddle and he should be gagged to muffle his crying.

    My wife loves her Spencer Paddle and I do too.

  2. Mmm, my Wife uses the paddle on me, too. Most times it's okay.. but it's always needed! ~sara