Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Temporarily A Man

She said she was going to suck my cock.....not my clitty....she actually said she was going to suck my COCK!!!!!
My masculine ego came roaring back as I thought of how it would be.....with her kneeling in front of me as she took me in her mouth, she had done it so many times but that was so long ago.....
Then she smiled and told me that after she got my cock wet she was going to climb on top of me and fuck me....she wanted my cock inside her!!!!
She wanted my COCK INSIDE HER!!!! God I was feeling like a stud!!!!

My masculinity was short lived as she pulled out the big strap-on and fitted it on me, above my little useless caged clit!!!
She bent down and cupped my balls as she sucked and licked the big latex cock!!!
I could only groan as I watched her suck "my" cock and when she climbed on and settled her sweet pussy on "my" hard cock, she rode me to orgasm after orgasm!!!

When she finished with me she rolled over and went to sleep leaving me with a wet strap on covered in her juices....it wasn't long before I had pulled it loose and fell asleep myself with the taste of her in my mouth!!!!

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