Thursday, March 2, 2017

Vacation Notes

I just returned from a wonderful road trip/vacation with my beautiful wife and it was so much fun....we put about 4000 miles on the car but it didn't seem that long.....hitting the cruise control to keep us at a nice steady 80mph so I didn't have to keep my heels on the pedal was wonderful....
The only time things got a little tricky was when we had to stop for gas!!!
I believe we were in Kentucky when we stopped to fill up,,,,,she went in to use the ladies room while I pumped the gas.....there were two young men filling up their pickup across from me and well.....

"Suck my cock Sissy Bitch!!!!"
"Oh man her sissy pussy is so've got to feel this!!!!"
"I will after I finish fucking her hot sissy mouth!!!!"
"Oh yeah this little bitch needs more cock than we can give her.....we should call the guys...."
"That's what this Sissy bitch needs.....twenty or thirty cocks inside her!!!!"
"Yeah Bro!!!! Make the call!!!"

"Kaaren???? Kaaren? Are you daydreaming again? The car's full put the pump back.....I'll drive for a while and you tell me exactly what this little fantasy was all about!"
"Well there were these two guys and I......"
"Wait a minute Kaaren.....let's get back on the road first!"
"Yes Ma'am!"


  1. è meraviglioso che quando meno te lo aspetti all'improvviso hai un'avventura d'amore magari in un auto-grill o al ristorante nel bagno...ti sale una eccitazione mai provata prima ti lasci andare alle più grandi porcate che ti vengono in mente fai e ti fai fare di tutto...!! adoro i colpi di fulmine e le scopate inaspettate son le più belle quelle che ricordi sempre con tanta passione ed amore !! baci baci baci sono il sale della vita !!

  2. What I like most about being on vacation is at least when my wife pack my suit case I don't have to worry much about running into people I know. My wife packed only bikini and one piece bathing suits for me to wear at the pool, a nice sexy nightie to wear run down for some for some ice and plenty of leotards and tights to wear in the exercise room and lots of leggins to wear walking around town.