Sunday, March 12, 2017

Young Billy Was Not Happy

"But Auntie.... I don't want to wear a bra....bras are for girls!!!"
"Nonsense Billy, look at how well it fits you....why it even matches your slip and panties....yes it's almost as if this bra was made just for you!!!"
"But Auntie....I'm not a girl....."
"Well you said that bras are only for girls didn't you?"
"Yes Auntie....only girls wear bras!!!!"
"Yet here you are in pretty pink panties and a lacy pink half-slip and a lovely bra and so if only girls wear bras what does that make you?"
"I don't....I...."
"Why of course by your own logic then Billy.....if only girls wear bras.....and you're wearing a bra....then you must be my sweet little let's hurry and pick a pretty dress for you....our guests should be here soon!!!"
"'ve gotten me all confused...."
"Don't worry just listen to me and you'll be a very happy young lady!!!"

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  1. wow che storia bellissima e sensuale...!! baci baci baci