Saturday, March 4, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Beauty and the Beast

The Beast felt a stirring in his loins as he watched his Beauty move down the grand staircase!!! Every move so perfectly feminine it was hard to believe that this was part of the enchantment/curse he had lived with for so long!!!
Beauty had been his companion for so long he could barely remember what it was like before....before the talking teacups and the singing candelabra....before the chest of drawers began to dance....before he became the Beast....before the stable boy had appeared in his doorway....looking more beautiful than any woman he'd ever seen!!!!
He had been transformed in almost every way as the Beast discovered the first time he took Beauty to his bed!!!
But love and beastly lust will find a way and they had found a way to satisfy their unnatural desires.....the people of the town below the Beast's chateau thought the feminine screams must be the sounds of horrible tortures being inflicted on innocent young girls....little did they suspect the debauchery that went on night after night!
Until one day an innocent girl from the village accidentally fell into his clutches and the Beast learned what it was to fall in love!!!! His Beauty was all but forgotten as the Beast courted and wooed his new love! Perhaps this was the true love that would break the spell!!!
When finally it came time for them to consummate their love she had been willing until the Beast flipped her over and prepared to indulge in the unnatural love he had shared with his Beauty!!!! Suddenly she bolted....unwilling to do this horrible act with the Beast, she ran.....into the night....into the dark.....into the jaws of the wolves of the forest!!!
Beauty had heard all.....and she knew he would come for her....she had no desire to break the spell.....Putting on her prettiest gown she went downstairs.....she knew he was watching......when he came to her she had already opened the chest with the many implements of pleasure and although she felt herself swelling in her silken undergarments she was still glad she was his Beauty and he was her Beast!!!

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  1. ohhh quanto mi piacerebbe essere la bella per indossare quegli splendidi vestiti da principessa e poi sentire il forte abbraccio della bestia !! baci baci baci