Thursday, May 26, 2016


"Sure he's a disappointment with his tiny little clit....I'm not sure though...I don't think I'd have fallen for him if he had a man's cock....but there are advantages too!"
"Like what?"
"Well....he makes me cum whenever I want...he has a marvelous tongue...I guess nature compensates for short changing him elsewhere!"
"But sometimes don't you just want to fuck?"
"Oh yes and he understands that and he doesn't mind at all that I take men into bed with me....sometimes he sucks them to get them hard for me and he always licks me clean afterwards!"
"Wow really...I've always wanted my husband to do that!"
"Well my sweet Sissy does that and more....he helps me dress....he helps me to undress...he bathes me...he cleans my house and does the laundry and he obeys me in all things and do you know what's best of all?"
"It sounds great, what's the best?"
"Just look at him....doesn't he have fantastic legs!!!!"
My wife and her sister laughed together as I continued my housework!!!


  1. OMG I can hear my wife and her sister, my key holder, having this conversation. LOL

  2. That would be a dream come true if my wife and her sister were having this conversation!

  3. che brevi storielle eccitanti...un giorno di questi faccio una pazzia e mi iscrivo all'ufficio collocamento delle maid e mi faccio assumere a servizio di qualche signora compiacente e porca che magari raduna le sue amiche ed i suoi amici e io sevo tra i tavoli le fighe e i cazzi...adoro leccare e lavare di tutto !! baci baci baci e grazie amore