Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I Love It

I love it when she slides her hands up under my nightie and plays with my nipples!!!!! They've always been so sensitive....I could almost cum like this....almost.....one or two strokes at this point would get me there....but it's not happening now...and for now I can appreciate the pleasure she's giving me and anticipate my reward to come......


  1. Her hand is in the right place..... Steph (Sissybra).

    1. Steph...I've had sensitive nipples all my life....I'm pretty sure that if I wasn't in chastity I could cum just from her playing with them....

  2. io mi eccito anche quando comincio ad indossare le calze e i tacchi...soprattutto le calze a rete hanno un effetto così carezzevole così solleticante così piacevole che quando le indosso la mia eccitazione è già alle stelle !! baci baci baci e grazie per gli spunti erotici che ci dai bellissima !!

  3. My nipples are also sensitive and I believe I could cum from somebody just playing with them.