Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Good Wife

The good wife thinks of her husband first no matter what!!!
"So what do you think Sissy? Do you want to suck his big cock first or shall I?"


  1. Such a life changing moment

  2. Yea Karen, I think he should drop to his knees and wrap one hand around that big cocks shaft and use the other one to hold his balls and look at him and say, "I really am secretly a cock sucking sissy slut, and I'm gonna suck your cock so good." Then he starts slowly jacking the cock as he looks up at the man and the cock starts to get hard. His wife says, " that's right baby get that cock nice and hard, I want you to suck it good." A drop of pre cum oozes out of the giant harding cock head and he flicks his tongue out and licks it off and licks his lips. He says, "Kiss me baby and taste that sweet pre cum." She leans down with her tongue out and meets him in a french kiss and says, " yea baby mmmm, suck that cock for me, let me see you do it." His lips slide over the cock head and the shaft enters his mouth as he starts up the in and out of sucking the cock. He keeps looking up at the man and the cock is fully hard as he sucks fast and he moans. She says, " fuck yea baby you are a good cock sucker, that cock looks so good going in and out of your mouth." "I knew you were a good cock sucker and it makes me hot watching you", as she plays with her pussy and brings her fingers to her mouth to taste her on cunt juice. The husband increases the rhythm of his sucking and can taste the cock good now. He stops for a second and looks up at her and says, "baby share this cock with me." She gladly drops to her knees beside him and pulls the cock into her mouth to suck. They start a back and forth sharing and put the cock head between their lips and both lick at the same time, tongue kissing each between licks. She says, "I knew you were a cock sucking sissy slut and wanted it." Just then the man groans, and the husband sucks faster. All of a sudden he says, "I'm gona cum." He lets go a load in the husband's mouth, but its so big it starts dripping out of the corners of his mouth and drooling down. The wife flicks her tongue to lick up the drooling cum. He holds the load in his mouth and looks at her in her eyes. She knows what he wants. She moves to kiss him and he drools the load in her mouth and then back in his. By this time since it was such a big load, cum is all over there faces and dripping on her tits. She says, "oh baby i'm so proud of you." You look so good with cum on your face my sissy whore husband. Then they all three laugh. Steph (Sissybra)

  3. It doesn't happen often, me permitted to join them or my mistress/wife asking me if I want to suck her lover's cock first. But when it does it is so damn wonderful.