Monday, May 23, 2016


She whispered into his ear...
"Oh yes Baby....I'm going to make you dress like this all the time...I'm going to keep you in skirts and more pants for'll be wearing stockings and garters and bras and panties from now'll be perfectly made up....oh sweetie you're going to be my perfect little sissy....I'm going to put that little cockette into chastity and you'll release your sissy cream only when I say so.....I'll expose you and humiliate you....I'll turn you into a I'll turn you into my little'll suck cocks for'll be fucked like a little bitch in heat....and all the while I'll be fucking men Baby....real men...not like you....real men with big cocks and when they cum inside me you're going to lick it all you understand what I'm saying Baby?
"I think so....are you asking me to marry you?"
"Yes I am Sissy!"
"Oh yes....I love you and I can't wait to start our life together!!!"


  1. If only there were more woman out there like that. Every sissy dreams of that happening.

  2. oddio tesoro che magnifica dolce bella dichiarazione di amore e matrimonio !!! splendida breve storia dove i loro cuori si aprono all'amore quello più aperto bello senza remore e barriere ognuna dimostra la propria indole senza pudori...mi hai fatto commuovere ed eccitare allo stesso tempo...magari a trovarne di donne così...!! ti adoro grazie baci baci baci !!

  3. Thank you Kaaren. Love the post as this brought back memories of the day my wife prepared me for my life as a sissy after she caught me in an embarrassing situation.