Saturday, May 14, 2016

Saturday Matinee - I'll Save You

"It's alright Tony...I'm going to get you out of here!!!"
"But how?"
"I made them let me go first because I've known you the longest....they think I'm using you like a whore....that's what they have planned for you....oh god Tony why did you skim all that money!!!"
"They made punish make me their whore!!!!"
"C'mon Tony we don't have much time....they'll be wondering what's taking so long....I know the scientist they got the juice from that changed you like this.....we'll go there and make him change you back....but we've got to hurry!!!"
"Change me back?"
The transformed man grabbed his old friend and pulled him close and rubbed her hands all over him and reaching up, kissed the shocked man hard!
"Change me back!!!! Why on earth would I want to change back to Fat Tony Voganno when I could be like this?"
"But Tony....they're going to use you...abuse you....come with me...let me help you!"
Startled he felt the pinch of the syringe as she injected him with the transformation serum.
"It turns out that I'm not going to be their are! I'm going out the window and down the fire ten minutes I'll be at the airport, in twenty minutes me and my bag of cash will be on a plane to a tropical paradise.....and who are they going to blame for all of that....have a nice life, whore!!!"
The man on the floor couldn't answer! His body was changing rapidly!!!!


  1. So glad I caught this one fresh from the line. You are so on target with these things.

    I need to teach you how to make caption!

    1. Thanks's a pleasure to know that you join me at the Matinee every week....
      Hugs & Kisses

  2. wow si va sulla fantascienza sul futuribile...o già è così...!? io intanto uso i metodi tradizionali...mi depilo tutta, sono profumata, liscia e cerco di mantenere la linea esile, mi liscio la pelle con creme e cerco sempre di indossare lingerie sexy e soprattutto tacchi alti per sculettare cume una futuro poi ci pensiamo...l'unica cosa che vorrei avere sarebbero solo due capezzoli a forma di tettarella di biberon...quello sìì..!!! grazie amore baci baci baci