Thursday, May 26, 2016


She surprised me when she said she only wanted cereal for breakfast and after I put out her bowl and filled it with her favorite...she liked the sugary sweet a kid!!!! I turned and walked to the refrigerator and got the milk and when I turned back...he was there....her lover from last night....god help me I had sucked his cock but for the life of me now I couldn't remember his name....but it didn't matter....her cereal was forgotten...she didn't need milk....she was craving cream for breakfast now and he seduced her right in front of me as I stood and watched!!!It gave us both a great start to the day!!!!


  1. When my wife's lovers sleep over the next morning is sometimes very interesting. My job is to make them breakfast and get them ready for the day. My wife and her lover want to me to know why I am a chastity wearing dressed sissy. They each have their own agenda for me in the morning.

  2. iniziare la giornata così penso sia il sogno di tutti e tutte di qualsiasi sesso siamo...!! una volta amore pensa anche io ho dimenticato il nome del mio occasionale bell'amante...eravamo appartati in automobile e mentre facevamo giochini belli quando avevo la bocca libera lo chiamavo...tesoro...amore ...mio bel maschio...cazzo bello...stallone...ecc.ecc.ancora adesso quando ci penso non mi ricordo il suo nome ma le sue gesta sììì !! baci baci baci e grazie di tutto bella figa !!!

  3. How embarrassing to have forgotten His name!