Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sissy Training - Neglect

She looked on as her husband took another significant step toward becoming the Sissy cuckold she wanted him to be!!!
Her panties were soaking wet as she watched her husband suck her lover's cock for the first time!!!! All the practice with her strap-on had paid off and he was doing a pretty good job for a beginner...however she whispered in his ear...
"Don't neglect his balls's easy to remember...if his cock is in your mouth then his balls are in your hands!!!"
"Don't talk with your mouth full Dear!!!"


  1. Suck that cock baby! Yea... it's wonderful to see his wife encouraging him to suck cock. I'd love a woman watch me suck cock.
    A dialogue would go something like this:
    She: "Suck that cock baby, you look so good with cock in your mouth, tell me you like it baby."
    Me: "Yes, I love it, baby. I'm sucking it for you baby."
    She: "I'm so glad your a good cock sucker, now take it all the way down like a good gurl"
    Me: "Like this baby, am I sucking it good for you?"
    She: "Fuck yea baby. It looks so hot. Your my little cock sucking faggot arn't you?"
    Me: "Yes, I am and I love it and glad you like watching me. Oh, he's cumming!"
    She: "Now, pull it out of your and mouth and let him cum on your face"
    Me: "Yea, I love hot cum.mmmm"
    She: "Now, start licking it up baby, is it good? You look good with cum on your face"
    Me: " I love it on my face and mouth, baby"
    She: " Now, come he and give me a cum kiss and let me have some.
    Then we do a nasty cum swapping kiss and clean it off each others faces. Stephanie (Sissybra)

  2. I do appreciate the time that my mistress/wife took to train me with her strap on. Yes I do, at times, forget about the balls and I love it when she is there to remind me and have me make her so proud in front of her lovers.