Friday, May 27, 2016

My Analyst Needs MY Help!!!!

"I can't thank you enough Kaaren!"
"I'm glad to help in any way I can Dr. Dee, you've been so good for me!"
"Your wife told me that you're "caged" properly so you won't get into any you mind if I check?"
"Not at all Dr.Dee....according to my wife's instructions I'm to obey you tonight just as I obey her!"
"Well Kaaren that just fills me with all kinds of ideas....but my guests should be arriving any moment and I'd like it if you could just make sure the food and drinks are taken care might be a long might want to put your panties on with a dress that short."
"Mt wife didn't allow wear to wear panties tonight...I'm sorry Dr. Dee!"
"Well I'm sure it will be OK Kaaren, we'll talk....after....about this..."
"I'm looking forward to it!!!"


  1. è magnifico essere una sissy-maid ed essere al servizio di una famiglia molto affettuosa che ha bisogno ad ogni ora dei nostri servigi...e se poi la padrona è esigente non fa nulla noi siamo nate per soddisfare ogni loro voglia !!! baci baci baci

  2. I think you did a great job serving my guests. They seemed to enjoy it when you brought out food and drink for them as well!