Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I Told You

"You see I told you he'd suck your cock if I told him too!!!"
"Yeah, I guess you were right...he's pretty good too!!!"
"I see....he's a natural cock sucker.....I love how he looks with your cock in his mouth like that!!!"
"Yeah but maybe next time you could.., you know put him in a dress and wig....I really don't like the idea of a guy sucking me off like this!!!"
"Oh yes...that's a great idea......I'm going to dress him up like the sissy slut he is.....I think he'll make a really cute girl!!!!"
"Sounds great.....oh my god I'm going to cum......should I pull out..."
"Not at all....I want him to swallow every drop....it's the first of many loads to come.....my husband is going to be the best cock sucker in this whole town!!!"


  1. gustosissima breve storia di letto...!! se mia moglie parlasse di me in questa maniera mi facesse tanta bella pubblicità sulle mie doti di bocca mani e culo io ne sarei orgogliosa...mi farebbe piacere che si dicesse di me che sono una gran bella pompinara una gran bella troia una piccola troia !!! baci baci baci

  2. Well of course the wife wants him to swallow. But first she should make him open his mouth -- "Nice and wide, cucky." -- to show that big load covering his tongue.